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Julian Death March Final Results 2008

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It was a challenging day with the Santa Ana winds bouncing the racers around like pin balls. On the uphill stretch of Boulder Creek Road the racers were stopped dead in their tracks and several were blown off their bikes! But they continued on and a record 14 riders finished all 3 loops!

The winner was Brent Prenzlow who repeats from last year. Despite turning in a slower time than last year due to the high winds, he said that it took a lot more effort this year. Once again he raced a cyclocross bike and despite running tire pressures in the mid 30's he did not have a flat the entire day. Brent is multi time California state cyclocross champion. Guy Sutton pushed the pace all day on his brand new Ibis Mojo and was 5 minutes behind Brent at the end of the first loop. At the bottom of Chariot Canyon on the second loop he was still only 5 minutes behind. Brent pushed the pace hard and opened up a lead of 16 minutes by the end of loop 2. Guy Sutton earned a well deserved second overall and was only a few minutes off his last year's time in spite of the wind. Todd Carpenter showed up for his first Julian Death March and even though he took a few wrong turns along the way he rode hard for 3rd place overall.

The men's single speed winner was Garrit Slingerland who finished 6th overall and at 50 years of age is such an athlete that he added an 6 extra miles at the end of the race just to show how tough he is! Eric Hagerty placed 2nd in the Single Speed Division and was first in his class plus he was the only repeat rider to improve his time from last year! Todd Nelson nabbed 1st in his single speed division.

Bruce Wilson took the 45 plus division, Tom Harvey the 50+ division, Rob Bernhard the 55+ division, and Richard Nelson the 60 plus division.

The Clydesdale division was won by Daniel Bergin.

In the women's division Jessica Cerra ran off from the pack for 1st overall. In the women's 40 plus division Katy Woessner took 1st place.

The most inspirational rider of the year was Pete Kirkham who was the oldest person to complete all 3 loops. He begged his way into starting the 3rd loop and was the true winner of the DEATH MARCH. He was out there for over 11 hours. Last year he crashed early in the first loop and had to give up at the end of  the first loop so he was determined to ride a more sensible race this year and finish.

We THANK all of our volunteers who made this race possible. Bob and Jean Niles, Lee and Angela LaRochelle, Shirley DuErmit, Deanna Wolf, and Sam Johnstone .


Name Age Class Loops Time Overall Class Place
Brent Prenzlow 40 Geared male 40+ 3 6:22 1st 1st
Guy Sutton 40 Geared male 40+ 3 6:43 2nd 2nd
Todd Carpenter 37 Open Geared 3 7:41 3rd 1st
Bruce Wilson 49 Geared male 45+ 3 7:46 4th 1st
Tom Harvey 50 Geared male 50+ 3 7:59 5th 1st
Gerrit Slingerland 50 Single Speed 50+ 3 8:14 6th 1st
Patrick Gunnarsson 43 Geared male 40+ 3 8:25 7th 3rd
Eric Hagerty 46 Single Speed  45+ 3 8:35 8th 1st
Kevin Cadieux 47 Geared male 45+ 3 8:38 9th 2nd
Greg Norombaba 41 Geared Male 40+ 3 8:44 10th 4th
John Brindell 45 Single Speed 45+ 3 8:50 11th 2nd
Roger Floyd 46 Single Speed 45+ 3 9:20 12th 3rd
Jens Raz 30 Open geared 3 9:31 13th 2nd
Todd Hayden 37 Open geared 3 9:39 14th 3rd
Pete Kirkham 51 Geared 50+ 3 11:05 15th 2nd
Name Age Class Number of Loops Time Overall Class Place
Jacques Meyer 38 Open Geared 2 5:50 16th 4th
Mike Hodges 46 Geared 45+ 2 6:02 17th 3rd
Rob Bernhard 55 Geared 55+ 2 6:03 18th 1st
Stewart Rick 49 Geared 45+ 2 6:10 19th 4th
Todd Nelson 40 Single Speed 40+ 2 6:15 20th 1st
Brett Atkinson 47 Geared 45+ 2 6:31 21st 5th
Jason Ranoa 36 Open geared 2 7:00 22nd 4th
Bill Valleroy 47 Geared 45+ 2 7:00 23rd 6th
Dan Stern 35 Open geared 2 7:25 24th 5th
Jessica Cerra 26 Open geared F 2 7:25 25th 1st
Pedro Novola 27 Open geared 2 7:25 26th 5th
Todd Banhidy 39 Open geared 2 7:25 27th 6th
Richard Nelson 60 Geared 60+ 2 7:54 28th 1st
Mike Farkas 36 Open geared 2 8:01 29th 7th
William Stone 51 Geared 50+ 2 8:02 30th 3rd
Dick Cheese 45 Geared 45+ 2 8:03 31st 7th
Sam Dagan 35 Open geared 2 8:32 32nd 8th
Eric Lennane 44 Geared 40+ 2 8:34 33rd 5th
Name Age Class Number of Loops Time Overall Class Place
Keith Eckstien 50 Single Speed 50+ 1 3:47 34th 1st
Eric Burton 37 Open geared 1 4:41 35th 9th
Daron Youngburg 31 Open geared 1 4:41 36th 10th
Natasha Meyer 36 Open geared F 1 4:51 37th 2nd
Michael Troy 50 Geared 50+ 1 4:51. 38th 4th
Anneke Marvin 33 Open geared F 1 4:52 39th 3rd
Roger Haferkamp 61 Geared 60+ 1 4:55 40th 2nd
Eric Tucker 49 Geared 45+ 1 5:48 41st 8th
Katy Woessner 43 Geared 40+ F 1 5:48 42nd 1st
Daniel Bergin 36 Clydesdale 1 5:59 43rd 1st