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Julian Death March Final Results 2007

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A total of 42 riders registered for the ride. It was a perfect day with highs in the low 70's with plenty of sunshine and slight breeze.

The winner was Brent Prenzlow who blazed the course on his cyclocross bike in 6:01 without getting one flat! Brent is a 6 time California state cyclocross champion. Guy Sutton pushed the pace and set a great time of 6:38 for second place. "Old man:  Desert Dan Cain kept working hard all day and went from 5th place on loop 1 to 4th place on loop 2 to 3rd place at races end and a first in class. Calvin Mulder was amazing with his Single Speed division win. At 47 years of age and with only one gear Calvin placed 6th overall!

In the women's division Mary Collier of Siren Bikes turned in an amazing time of 9:25 for first place overall. She did it on her 55er from Siren bikes, a very sweet ride! Carol Lawhon took the women's Single Speed division. How she did two laps with one gear is beyond belief! Jamie Gronlund took the women's 50 plus division by plugging along with the biggest smile on her face. Jamie is an amazing person with one of the most positive attitudes we have ever seen!

We THANK all of our volunteers who made this race possible. Bob and Jean Niles, Alan Tulving, Steve Smith, Shirley DuErmit, Valerie Thompson, and Steve Bolund who swept the last two laps on his bicycle. We also thank our sponsors, Siren Bicycles and the Path Bike Shop.


Name Age Class Number of Loops Time Overall Class Place
Brent Prenzlow 38 Open Geared male 3 6:01 1st 1st
Guy Sutton 39 Open Geared male 3 6:38 2nd 2nd
Dan Cain 48 Geared male 40-50 3 7:00 3rd 1st
Brian Blair 29 Open Geared male 3 7:26 4th 3rd
Josh Jacquot 33 Open Geared male 3 7:27 5th 4th
Calvin Mulder 47 Single Speed male 40-50 3 7:31 6th 1st
Jonathon Chillas 41 Geared male 40-50 3 7:59 7th 2nd
John Brindell 44 Geared male 40-50 3 8:19 8th 3rd
Iain Paterson 35 Open Geared male 3 9:06 9th 5th
Mary Collier 28 Open Geared female 3 9:25 10th 1st
Eric Hagerty 45 Single Speed male 40-50 3 9:26 11th 2nd
Jacques Brosseau 49 Geared male 40-50 3 10:02 12th 4th
Name Age Class Number of Loops Time Overall Class Place
Ty O'Brein 35 Open Geared male 2 4:54 13th 6th
Dan Frank 46 Single Speed male 40-50 2 6:09 14th 3rd
Paul Fujisawa 35 Open Geared male 2 6:23 15th 7th
Ned Reynolds 46 Single Speed male 40-50 2 6:26 16th 4th
James Matsubayashi 39 Open Geared male 2 6:44 17th 8th
Carol Lawhon 32 Open Single speed female 2 6:51 18th 1st
Randy Profeta 52 Single Speed male 50+ 2 7:45 19th 1st
Joe Spina ? Geared male 40-50 2 7:45 20th 5th
Sam Dagan 34 Open Geared male 2 8:56 21st 9th
Name Age Class Number of Loops Time Overall Class Place
Pete Kirkham 50 Geared male 50+ 1 3:33 22nd 1st
David Keen 46 Geared male 40-50 1 3:40 23rd 6th
Todd Hayden 35 Open Geared male 1 3:58 24th 10th
Drew Britton 33 Open Geared male 1 4:05 25th 11th
Todd Wetherford 39 Open Geared male 1 4:05 26th 12th
Kelli Jackson 34 Open Geared female 1 4:08 27th 2nd
Michael Neal 47 Geared male 40-50 1 4:09 28th 7th
Bob Fite 39 Open Geared male 1 4:19 29th 13th
Eric Burton 35 Open Geared male 1 4:26 30th 14th
Miles Todd 40 Geared male 40-50 1 4:47 31st 8th
Robert Grace 42 Open Geared male 1 5:00 32nd 15th
Dan Bergin 35 Open Geared male 1 5:43 33rd 16th
David Mars 36 Open Geared male 1 6:21 34th 17th
Jamie Gronlund 51 Geared female 50+ 1 6:38 35th 1st